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The increasing popularity of Pakistani talk shows

Among the television shows that are being enjoyed by people in Pakistan, talk shows hold a prominent place. The popularity of these talk shows is increasing on a daily basis as well. In order to cater the increasing demand, new talk shows pop up in the television channels on every month. Therefore, it is important to take a look at the exact reason why talk shows have become extremely popular among people who live in Pakistan.

Along with time, talk shows have been able to become one of the cornerstones among other television programs. Even though this fact was valid since the inception of television, the popularity of talk shows has increased significantly along with time. By nature, people prefer to see other people talk...

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Man Advertises His Girlfriend on eBay as ‘Noisy Dishwasher’

A prankster advertised his girlfriend for sale on eBay as a ‘noisy dishwasher’ after she complained about having to wash the dishes too often.

Karl Goddard, who lives in Southampton, posted the advert about his girlfriend Gabby Whitlock on the popular auction site while they were waiting for a meal to arrive in a pub. Gabby had remarked on it being nice she was not expected to do the dishes – which, she said, was unusual in their household.

Karl, a civil engineer, told Gabby he would sell her because she was annoying him – and as a joke actually placed the advert.

Sold as Seen

The eBay listing said Gabby was a ‘dishwasher’ which was for sale due to it becoming noisy. The advert also said that no refunds would be accepted, and the ‘dishwasher’ was ‘sold as seen.’

Luckily G...

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